InRoad - Xuất phim trình chiếu - Microstation

Date: 21/11/2015
InRoad - chạy trên nền tảng Microstation. Nên có đầy đủ tính năng của Microstation. Đoạn phim trình chiếu sau được thực hiện bởi bang WSDOT tại Mỹ. Thực hiện đoạn phim 100% bằng Microstation.

Nguyên văn bài viết.

This animation was created and rendered entirely in MicroStation V8i SS3 using the Luxology render engine.

It shows Interstate 90 east of Snoqualmie Pass along Keechelus Lake in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State.

The traffic animation covers about 7 miles of a WSDOT project that will ultimately encompass 15 miles of I-90 in Washington State.

The total forested terrain in this animation is about 75 sq. miles.

I created three 3d Fir Tree cells and used the Populate tool to plant 23000 of them within approx. 500 feet of the roadway. The trees beyond this area are actually a fur material using an image of one of the trees for fur billboarding. I also used this fur billboarding technique to create the bushes in the Gold Creek Vicinity, along the water’s edge, and at the wildlife crossing. The exposed rock cuts are mapped to the terrain mesh using material projection direction draping.

The rendering was done on our blade server render farm (14 nodes) and required 2 separate renders, one for the drivers POV and one for the aerial vitual_view.
The total render time was probably about 1 week in total.

Titles, transitions, and audio were added during editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.
The elk on the wildlife overcrossing are pre-animated models which were also added in post using Adobe After Effects.


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