SEAPE - Why Us

Date: 07/07/2015
SEAPE was established by the energetic staff with capabilities and knowledge to make a major impact on your projects. Our staff is the heart and soul of SEAPE at every level. We have the experience, capability, creativity, and desire to get the job done.


  • Customer Service: Our success is measured by Clients' satisfaction. We take pride in our commitment to assure our services meet and go beyond Client's expectations.
  • Quality: The success of our projects in U.S. is the benchmark of quality and value engineering. Our prime focus is to anticipate early issues to provide in-time solutions.
  • Cost-effective: Advantage of our combined professional engineers and oversea staff is the solution to cost saving of delegated tasks/projects; in turn, Client can concentrate on core goals and mission-critical tasks.
  • Time: We utilize time zone differences to generate 24-hrs working schedule. Our flexible system also allows the team to work at anytime and wherever Client's scopes of works are required.
  • Trust: Our greatest business asset is build on trust from Clients, Partnerships, and Staff. Recommendations and services we commit to Clients should be exact same one we would make if we owned their companies. We understand long-lasting respect will earn our reputation.
  • Adaptability: Past experiences with multicultural projects enable us to understand and adapt quickly to international criteria/standards and makes us unique in problem solving.
  • Solutions: We just don't reach for off-the-shelf-solutions but understand each assignment is unique and harmonize with local design experience and creativity.


  • We standardize our drafting process and design platform to ensure a consistent look across different disciplines and we stand ready to whichever media requested by Clients.
  • Design tools that we are proficient at: ACAD, Civil 3D, MicroStation, InRoads, PowerRoads, Plaxis, Midas, SAP, Kubit, Power3D, Infraworks, Navisworks, Revit Structure, Revit MEP, TEKLA.

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