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Mô hình dầm hộp trong Revit

Mô hình dầm hộp trong Revit


Building information modeling in elevated transit viaducts by using parametric revit families


Original work done by Naresh Kumar 


Rendered View of BIM Model

This is one of my  BIM development  work for elevated transit viaduct in revit by generating parametric box girders where we can rapidly change section sizes of box girder flange and web properties ,Parametric 3D profile of Prestress tendons where entire cable x,y,z points can be read by generating schedule in revit since all the parameters created as shared.which can be used for whole 3D BIM, Design based Spread sheets with in revit families, 4D BIM and 5D BIM Quantity take off.
Captured View From Revit


Shall be used for entire BIM Workflow like 3d BIM Modelling of Bridges,
4D BIM Construction Sequence Generation by linking with Time line of Naviswork like activation of pres tress cables,Clash Check with cables,
5D BIM Quantification of Prestress segments where the overall discussion can be taken easily don't wait spread quantity work.
Design Based Spread Sheets developed within the content family files  for Substructure just input the governing forces check the Design like bearing pressure,area of reinforcement required,pier interaction ratio  then provide the reinforcement in revit where now your model now made as design informative also in result of that major dimension mis matches can be reduced.
A View of Analytical Viaduct Model With Design Based Parametric as shown in right side properties user interface

Part-1 (Parametric Box Girders).
Basically this parametric box girder has done with sweep blend solid and void elements so that we can make tapered box girders combining two different start and end sections.
Using Sweep blend solid element outer box girder  has been created with the parameters to control width of deck slab ,width of bottom slab and using sweep blend void element  I have created inner subtracting box with controlled length parameters of inner edge bottom flange width, top flange inner edge width.

This Picture Depicts Basic Idea behind This Content Generation File



Combining both of solid and void Sweep elements we can get Parametric controlled box Girder family file uses for segmental box girders bridges,Balance cantilever bridges.Using Base offset of bottom flange command we can create tapered box girders which can be used for balanced cantilever bridge precast or in-situ segments. 

Using Base offset of bottom flange command we can create tapered box girders which can be used for balanced cantilever bridge precast or in-situ segments.



Sample segments type created as S1, S2, S3, and S4
S1-End Diaphragm Section
S2-End Taper Section
S3-Mid Taper Section
S3-Mid Runner Section



All the parameters created as shared so that we can reflect in schedules uses volume of Segments, start and end section sizes.





In upcoming blog post: pres-tress parametric Cable families and Design based Spread sheets with in revit families for viaduct substructure will be shared


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